Quick Checklist

You can read the page below for details, but at a minimum, the following list has all the things you need to do before the season starts.

  • 1. Get your daughter a stick, goggles and mouthguard.
  • 2. Make sure your daughter has a uniform.
  • 3. Sign up for the Remind App. Text @kgaea4 to 81010 to join.
  • 4. Make sure you've given me any e-mail addresses you want on my e-mail list
  • 5. Fill out the player info form. Click here for the form.


All girls will need a stick, goggles and mouthguard at every practice. If you do'nt have your mouthguard and goggles you will not be allowed to play.

If your daughter has been playing for a few years and is still using a beginners stick, or even if your daughter is just starting out, you will want to get her a halfway decent stick. It's MUCH EASIER to catch the ball and pick up ground balls if you have a decent stick. I would suggest you go to Longstreth.com and find a decent stick. If you spend at least $100 bucks on a stick you're probably getting something that's pretty good. They always have a few good sticks on sale and if you are wondering if a stick is any good before you buy it just let me know. If you look at the three pictures below you will notice how "flat" the first stick is, (it's a crappy stick), and how much more curved the other two sticks are. You want a stick with some curve to it.

The pictures below also show you what a good pocket looks like. By rule, you must be able to see the top of the ball above the sidewall of the stick. Notice how far above the the sidewall the ball is in the first stick and how low the ball sits in each of the other two sticks. You want your stick to look like the last two. Depending on your stick, creating a good pocket might take some work. You can jam a ball in the pocket and hold it in there with a knife or screwdriver overnight and you can pound on the pocket with something heavy like a bat or guilt. If you love your kid and want her to love lacrosse, the do what it takes to get her a good pocket on her stick.

Bad stick with no pocket. It's very difficult to learn on this stick.

Good stick, good pocket.

High end stick, perfect pocket.


You need to purchase a uniform if your daughter does not have one from prior years. There should be details on the flyer that gets sent out from the PAL and I will post the details here when I get them. It takes about 5 weeks to get the uniforms and we'll only do one order so if you miss that order period then your daughter will not have a uniform. There will not be a second order placed so if you miss the deadline you're out of luck.


I am the self acclaimed King of the e-mail. I write too many and they are all too long but I like to keep my parents informed. I will mainly use e-mail and the website to communicate with you, but I will also use the Remind App to sent out messages such as last minute game cancellations. To sign up for the text notifications text @kgaea4 to 81010. If you do not understand how to sign up for the Remind app ask your kid to do it for you. I would also recommend that your kid signs up for the app as well. I check my e-mail many times throughout the day so you can always e-mail me at mcnuttb@gmail.com or call or text at 973-767-9492.

How To Get Better

I've made a bunch of videos that your daughter can watch and they are posted at the bottom of the main page of our website, but if you're daughter really likes lacrosse and wants to get good, she needs to get on the wall. In lacrosse, throwing and catching off the wall is called "wall ball" and it is by far the best way to learn to catch and throw. Catching a lacrosse ball with a girls stick is not an easy skill and I still remember the time I was at the wall with my twins and they "got it." If your daughter doesn't work on the wall, don't expect her to have a lot of early success. Go to the main page and watch the wall ball videos, especially this one to learn how to do it.

Practice Schedule

The practice and game schedule is located on our main page. The schedule of who's playing in each game is also on that page. Playing time may be reflective of practice time. I know kids now a days are involved in an incredible number of activities so I don't have a problem if any of our players miss a practice every once in a while, but if a player is never at a practice it's not fair to the girls who've made a deeper committment so they may not get as much playing time.

As to the schedule, you must notify me if your daughter will not be at a game that she's scheduled to play as soon as you know she can't make it. I will put a lot of time into coaching this team, and I love doing it, but you gotta help me out and let me know if your daughter can't make a game that she's scheduled to play. If your daughter does not show up to a game she was scheduled for you'll be hearing from me. Please do not notify me if you're daughter will not be at a practice, only games.

Our practices will start and end on time. Nothing makes parents (including me) more aggravated than having to sit in the parking lot for a half hour waiting for practice to end. That will not happen here. We may run over a few minutes a couple times through the course of the season but for the most part, if the schedule says practice ends at 7:30 then practice will end at 7:30 and your kid will be at the car by 7:35. We will never end practice early.

Game Schedule

We will have two types of games this year, rec games and inter-town games. Our rec games will be played every Tuesday evening on the front field at Wayne Valley High School. In my opinion, these games are the best thing we've ever done as a program. These games will usually be officiated by high school players and the coaches will be on the field coaching the girls. Historially, we've split these games by ability so the better players will play against the better players and the more developing players will play against each other. Please make an effort to clear your Tuesday schedule so you can make these games. These games are played 7-v-7 on a smaller field so everyone has the opportunity to get more touches on the ball. As I've found over my years coaching lacrosse, in our regular Inter-town games the best players have the ball 90% of the time and some girls barely if ever touch the ball so the idea of the rec games is to get everyone involved.

Our Inter-Town games are played, not surprisingly, against other towns. We will not take every girl to every game, hence the schedule on the main page. All girls will play in at least some Inter-Town games but some girls may play in more than others based on ability, attendance and effort.

Between all our practices, rec games and Inter-Town games, I'm confident all the girls will get plenty of lacrosse this year.


We will be entering the team in at lease a couple tournaments this year. The tournaments are not required and there is no reward if you go or punishment if you don't. They usually work out to be a really fun way to play a lot of lacrosse and spend time as a team. They are typically on Sundays later in the season. Keep an eye out for details.