This Page is for the 2018, 5th and 6th Grade Team Only

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Lacrosse Video Clearinghouse

I've created a collection of lacrosse videos for your enjoyment and education.

Game Video

Maryland vs. North Carolina in the 2016 NCAA Final. This is a great game to watch if you want to see lacrosse played at it's highest level by great players.

US National Team vs. Syracuse. Pay attention to the US Team's Ride, it's amazing.

US National Team vs. Florida. Florida hangs in there but again, the US Team's defense is just too much.

Northwestern vs. Duke: 2011

Cornell vs. Yale: 2013

Best online game video I've found to learn the game.

USC vs Duke: Orange County Winter Invitational 2016

North Caroline vs Northwestern 2016

US National Team vs England 2016

U.S. vs Florida 2017

Duke vs North Carolina 2013. Great Game

IceBreaker 2017 vs Mahwah

IceBreaker 2017 vs Shark River

IceBreaker 2017 vs Kobra Kai

IceBreaker 2017 vs Brick

Wayne Select vs West Essex

Wayne Select vs Vernon

Wayne Select vs Glen Ridge

Wayne Select vs Ridgewood



Annotated Video

Teaching how to find a cutter.

Breaking down the "Give and Go," the "Drive and Dump," the "Backdoor Cut," and the "Slip Screen."

Breaking down how to play 1-v-1 defense.

Breaking down how to re-defend.

Breaking down how to "fill-in" when running a motion offense.

Advanced Catching Technique

A high screen crossing motion offense.

Video of one of our practices with annotations. This one is for the defense.

Another video of one our practice with annotations. This one is for the offense.


How to set an on-ball screen

Nice feed, bad cut, always be moving towards the ball.

How to take a charge

A newer player making some mistakes on defense. Learn from her mistakes.

How to play off ball defense

How to run and defend the off ball screen.

How to rotate defensively on the double team.

How to switch fields in transition

Checks, checks and more checks.

Chase the Shot

U.S. National Team Isolation Play

The U.S. National Team Ride

U.S. National Team Shot Fakes

The Drive and Dump


How to Snatch the Ball off the Draw

What is Shooting Space?

IceBreaker Re-Defend

IceBreaker Goals

IceBreaker Goals Allowed

Instructional Video

Coach McNutt teaching beginning players how to catch and throw.(Over 50,000 YouTube views.)

Coach McNutt teaching how to play wall ball.

This video shows a Wall Ball Training Program. This is only for players who want to be really really good.

Maryland Head Coach Cathy Reese teaching Fakes and Stick Tricks.

Maryland Head Coach Cathy Reese teaching how to catch bad passes.

Maryland Head Coach Cathy Reese teaching how to throw sidearm passes.

Johns Hopkins training videos including The Program."


The Flip Pass

Faking and Finishing with the US National Team

The Ponytail Rule of Cutting

How to teach a pure beginner to catch and throw

Game Breakdown

A collection of free positions from the 8 meter.

A collection of double teams.

Cut to show different aspects of the women's game.

Highlighting the US National Team's Ball Movement.

Highlighting the US National Team's Helps and Slides.

Cut to show different aspects of the women's game.


Part 1 of a highlight reel of one of the best players in College Lacrosse, Kayla Treanor, from Syracuse.

Part 2 of a highlight reel of Kayla Treanor. Nobody rolls cage as well as she does.

Highlight reel from the High School All American Game a few years ago. Some nasty behind the head shots here.

US National Team Highlight Reel.

Goals, goals, goals.

This video is for our goalies. Check out the great game by the Loyola Goalie.

Nicole Levy Free Positions