Field Hockey Video Clearinghouse

Here is a collection of Field Hockey videos for your enjoyment and education.

Basic Skills and Technique

Skills overview with Carrie Lingo, former National Team Player

Basic Stick Skills

Basic dribbling technique

How to recieve the ball


More Dribbling

Good Basic Stickwork Video

How to Get Open

Advanced Skills and Techniques

The Drag-Flick. Another advanced shot.

A good tutorial on the reverse shot.

Good video on tackling technique.

More tackling technique.


Three types of shots

Aerial skills

The Dodge Pull

How to hit the reverse shot. An advanced skill but fun.


Touches and Checks

Snake and Snaps

Flip Box

The Shuttle

Clover Drill



Top 10 International Goals

Great solo efforts for goals

10 Best Goals

Amazing Skills Videos

Womens goal highlights

More amazing skills

Best Aerials

Best Penalty Corners

Pretty cool slo-motion video

International Games

Team USA vs Australia. World Cup Semi-Final 2014

Germany vs. Netherlands> Olympic Semi-Final 2016

England vs. Netherlands