This website presents the ideas and thoughts of a friend. The information contained within should not be used to make investment decisions. Please contact a licensed certified financial planner before making any financial decisions.

Good Luck, and Good Investing.


Once again, I am not a financial planner and anything I say or write should be considered suspect at best until you verify it with someone whose opinion you trust.

I have a neighbor who is a very smart guy and was a finance major at Penn State. He and I have great investing discussions and we do not agree on all aspects of investing. He believes in a more active approach and I believe in a more passive approach. He believes I should be invested in Bonds and because I don't expect to need my money for 25 years I don't think I should be in Bonds at all.

My point is that there is no right or wrong, you need to pick an investment style that you are comfortable with and you need to find people who you trust to bounce ideas off of or you need to find a professional financial person you trust to help you make decisions.

I have tried to keep most of my opinions to myself in this website because I just want it to be a resource that anyone can use to help them make decisions, but I do have thoughts on what people should consider before investing in a 403(b). If you are interested in what I think, I am including a link at the bottom of this page but don't go there unless you understand the disclaimers located throughout this website.

On this page I have written my thougts about what company I recommend you invest with and how you should invest your money. I also list some pitfalls that I think you should look out for in the financial industry. Ask my neighbor who knows much more about investing than me and he will tell you Bruce is knowledgeable but by no means an expert. Trust him, he is right. Please don't click on the link below unless you promise to review any information I present with a number of sources before incorperating it into your investment strategy.

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