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Good Luck, and Good Investing.


Let me first just change that question to "Who am I?"so I don't have to talk about myself in the third person. That's just weird.

I have been teaching math in Wayne since 1992 and I have had a 403(b) since 1992 as well. In the years since 1992, I have learned a lot about 403(b)'s and the way they work. Maybe more importantly, I have learned that the company you choose to invest with may potentially make a huge difference in how much money you have at retirement.


During the 2005-06 school year I, along with Doug Layman, set out on a quest to get Vanguard added to the list of 403(b) providers in Wayne. As a result of our efforts, Vanguard was added, but not without a fair amount of Blood, Sweat and Tears. Because of how difficult it was to get Vanguard in, educating my fellow teachers about 403(b)'s has evolved into a passion for me. This website is a continuation of my desire to share my knowledge with my friends.

Keep in mind as you explore this site, I am not a financial professional, and as such, everything you read in this site should not be taken as fact. Use it as a guide to help you research, and just like I did, gain a better understanding of the 403(b) industry.
If you are new to 403(b)'s you should start by educating yourself to exactly what a 403(b) is. Click on the "What is a 403(b)" Link and learn how they can help you save money for retirement. If you decide that a 403(b) is right for you, then you should research what the different companies have to offer and decide which company is best for you.
  Your most important decision will be whether to invest in a 403(b). The next most important decision will be what company to invest with. Get educated and choose wisely.  
Because people don't know me, it's hard to convince everyone that I am not associated with any company, but I am not. I am truly just doing this because it makes me feel good about myself to do nice things for the people I call my friends. In order to convince you that I am not associated with a company, I would like to offer a few pieces of evidence.
  The first is an article that appeared in the Bergen Record on July 9th 2006 entitled Retirement's High Price.  

The second is an article that was written by well known investment author John Wasik for the Bloomberg News Service and was reprinted in papers all over the country including the Asbury Park Press and the Seattle Times.The article is entitled " New Jersey Teacher Wins Fight on Retirement Fees" The article can also be found on the Bloomberg website by clicking here.

The third is an article that I wrote for the website www.403bwise.com that describes the process I went through to get Vanguard added as a 403(b) provider in Wayne. It is entitled How I Got Vanguard.